Spring Cleaning to Keep Your Salon Business Booming

Spring Cleaning to Keep Your Salon Business Booming

Spring has finally sprung! Time to clear-out the cobwebs and rejuvenate your professional space to include all the amazing offerings you can give your clients with cut, color, and especially extensions!  Here are a few tips on how to revamp your salon while showcasing your expertise behind the chair.


Breathe new life into your salon space by moving around the furniture, adding some seasonal decorative elements, or by adding some business-specific marketing materials and displays; such as the Babe Flipbook, Babe Color Ring, and various hair colors/methods on your Babe Hair Organizer.  By displaying a collection of hair extensions in popular colors at your station, your clients will naturally be curious and will ask how they can utilize your talents to freshen up their look.  Not only will these changes update the salon itself, it’ll also provide different solutions for your clients and add-on services that can increase your income.


Keeping your inventory up-to-date is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and make sure you’re on the cutting edge of all that’s new.  Take time this spring to familiarize yourself with Babe’s new offerings like machine sewn wefts, color #80/Frankie, the maintenance kit, and an entire treasure trove of educational resources to boost your extension game plus help you market your services to increase your cash flow.  


There’s no better way to boost your extension business than to introduce a whole new method to your arsenal. Our Online Education offerings  are more equipped than ever to teach you the ins and outs of our various extension methods, from Beaded, Tape-In, Sew-In, Fusion, and to the best value, the Deluxe Starter Program. Enroll today for access to the training videos, including Babe certification and the ever popular, Extending Solutions

Babe has also introduced the Extending Your Profits online course that will teach you how to market your services using social media, create a custom pricing plan, and how to get models to maximize your profits.  With Babe education under your belt, you’ll be able to provide your salon patrons with more service options and validate your credibility by displaying your certifications in your space.

Introduce Instant Hair

Speaking of more service options, Instant Hair extensions, such as clip-ins and crowns, provide a load of opportunities to extend new services to your clients, including extension fitting, trimming, and coloring services.  Instant Hair extensions are also a great option for those clients who aren't ready for a full installation or if they need a break in between installations to give their natural hair a resting period.  Keep some Instant Hair on display so customers know you can customize this fantastic resource whenever they need it!

Moving Forward

Now that you’ve rejuvenated your space, inventory, and your extension offerings, make a commitment to continually keep your clientele up-to-date and refreshed, too!  After your initial installation, pre-set the next two appointments with your extension customers to stay on top of their move-ups as their hair grows out.  This will help you be current with your scheduling and cultivate loyal and lasting extension customers.  Since hair extensions are a personal and financial investment, make teaching aftercare a priority.  Don’t forget to include the Babe Maintenance Kit, Babe Hair Extension Brush and Babe Mini Hair Extension Brush with your extension services.  Arming your clients with these essential tools will help stress the importance of maintaining their luscious locks long after they leave your salon.  Teach how to brush their extensions using an extension brush 2-3 times a day and to avoid using wet brushes that will snag the extension points.  It’s also great to suggest non-sulfate shampoos and conditioners that will work well with extensions and demonstrate how to wash and dry them.


Get a head start on your Babe refresh today - for you and your customers!  Remember to share your Babe pictures and Stories on any of our social media pages.  

Thanks, Babes!


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