Shipping & Handling

Where is my order?

It depends where you ordered from! If you placed an order here at babehairextensions.ca, you received an email confirmation with tracking information. If you did not receive this email or you need immediate help, just call us at 888-840-2223 ext.2. If you placed an order locally through a distributor, please call them directly.

What to Purchase

Where does the hair come from?

All of Babe's ethically sourced, 100% human remy hair comes from different Asian regions known for donating or selling their luscious locks directly to us. Our tracking and transparency helps us share our positive fiscal impact on families and communities.

How many grams of hair do I need for a full head?

The average head of hair needs between 5 and 6 packs (120-150) grams. However, depending on the length and thickness of your clients hair, this can vary. Clients with thinner hair may need 100 grams, whereas clients with thicker hair could use up to 180-200 grams.

How many strands come in one pack?

I-Tip and Fusion packs have 20 strands per pack
Tape-In packs have ten 1 ½” wefts, and
Hand Tied Weft packs have three 10” and two 5” wefts

To learn more, check out our Method Comparison Chart.

What color should I choose?

We have several colors to choose from in a wide variety of shades and levels. Remember, because the hair is 100% human, you can dye the hair to a level of your choice. To find the best color match, check out our Color Ring!

What is the difference between I-Tip and Fusion?

Our I-Tip method is also known as the beading method. It involves tiny aluminum beads created to hold the hair in place, alleviating the use of heat and glue and making the removal process much easier. Our Fusion method has 100% keratin tips, making it easy to blend upon application. To compare our methods, check out our Method Comparison Chart.

Ideal Hybrid Weft

What is an Ideal Hybrid Weft?

The Ideal Hybrid Weft is the best of both the Hand Tied Weft & Machine Sewn Weft extensions combined. Thin, flexible & comfortable with the advantage of full coverage, and the ability to customize the length to it the client’s head shape & size.

What material is the Ideal Hybrid Weft made of?

The top of the weft itself is made from a polyurethane template like our Tape In extensions. It is a very thin design, which allows for minimum visibility in the hair, but maximum durability. The strands of hair should not shed out of the weft & the top of the weft should not come unraveled.

Can the Ideal Hybrid Wefts be cut?

Yes. Since the weft is a polyurethane material, it can be cut to fit exactly the length around the client’s head that is needed, without the worry of the top coming undone, or the hair shedding out. There is no need to fold the end of the weft over either.

Does the Ideal Hybrid Weft have return hair or a “mustache”?

No. Due to the way the top of the weft is manufactured, there is no need for the return hair section. The strands of hair are secured into the polyurethane backing, so there is no need for that small section of hair to be folded over at the top. This willdecrease the chances of the Ideal Hybrid Wefts to mat, tangle or cause itching at the client’s scalp. The absence of the return hair section also allows for the full gram weight of the extensions from top to bottom.

What is the length and gram weight of the Ideal Hybrid Weft packages?

The Ideal Hybrid Wefts come in 18.5” and 22.5” lengths. The 18.5” length contains 65 grams of hair in the packages, and the 22.5” length has 80 grams per package. Both lengths of the Ideal Hybrid Wefts come in one long strip that is 36”across.

Can the Ideal Hybrid Wefts be layered on top of each other?

Yes. Since they are one single weft, you can layer up to 3 wefts on each row of silicone beads.

Is the application or removal of Ideal Hybrid Wefts any different from the other Sew In Weft hair extensions?

NO. You will follow all the same application and removal steps for the Ideal Hybrid Wefts that you would for the Hand Tied or Machine Sewn Wefts. The maintenance time, after care & number of times the hair can be reused, is the same asthe other Sew In Weft extensions.

Can I color, cut or perm the Ideal Hybrid Weft extensions?

The Ideal Hybrid Wefts are 100% Human Remy hair just like our other hair extensions. They can be altered, following our suggested guidelines for cutting, coloring or perming. However, this will void the manufacturers warranty and is done at your own risk.


Will the extensions damage hair?

If installed and taken care of properly, hair will remain damage-free. For more information about caring for hair extensions, please view our Hair Care guide.

How do I recommend clients care for their hair extensions?

You should recommend they try not to expose the hair to chlorinated water or other harsh ingredients, always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, brush extensions daily, and avoid using self-tanning sprays. For a complete list of hair care instructions, check out our Hair Care guide!

What can my clients do with their hair once the extensions are in?

Hair extensions can be styled just as natural hair can be - from curling to blow-drying, to flat-ironing and styling. Heat protectants are recommended.

Can I dye Babe Hair Extensions?

Yes!* If you decide to dye our extensions, use only a semi or demi-permanent hair color. Do not lift the color, only deposit it. Be sure to keep the new color within two shades of the hair’s original color. Pro-tip: do a strand test first to make sure that the results will be what you want.


What does the texture and size of the curl actually look like?

Our curly hair extensions have a spiral shape and texture to them, and are best suited for anyone that has wavy or curly hair. If someone has more of a ringlet or coiled texture, the extensions may be slightly looser than that and will need to be diffused or scrunched when styling to achieve a tighter curl.

What are the best products to maintain the shine and hydration of my curly hair extensions?

We suggest a professional quality, moisture-rich, sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner. Most curly hair lacks moisture, so always use styling products that add moisture to the hair. Moisture-rich leave-in conditioning sprays are great to use as well.Oil-based products should be used sparingly, as they can cause the extension bonds to slip, and they can weigh down the curls. 

How do I keep my curly hair extensions from tangling when I am sleeping, or during daily activities?

Curly hair is more likely to tangle due to the twist in the shape of the hair. Keeping your hair tied back in a loose ponytail or braid at night, or when doing vigorous activities is recommended. Avoid brushing the curls too often, and only use our Babe Extension Brush at the root area to detangle the bonded area, before shampooing. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers throughout the midshaft to the ends to keep it detangled and to avoid frizz. Finally, we recommend separating the extension sections with your fingers by gently pulling them apart to keep the hair extensions from matting together. 

How long can I expect curly hair extensions to last (hold the curl)?

Curly hair extensions have been processed to achieve the desired curl you see. This means that the better care you take of the hair, the longer the curl will last before relaxing. Some curl relaxation is normal due to the nature of human hair, but you can use curl-enhancing products, and a diffuser to give life and bounce to the curls if needed. The more you pull or stretch the hair, the faster the curls will relax. 

What are the best ways to style curly hair extensions?

After shampooing your curly hair extensions, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles from the hair. Then apply your products from the midshaft to the ends, avoiding any bonded areas. Work the product all the way through the hair evenly, and then use a towel to scrunch the product into the hair. Let your curls air dry, or use a blow dryer on low, to remove the moisture. Keep your curls wet! The water helps to disperse the product more evenly and keeps the hair hydrated. Using a towel to scrunch the product into the curls instead of your hands, will keep the curls defined and less frizzy. Avoid excess heat & NEVER straighten out the curls with a flat iron. These extensions are meant to be worn curly every day to maintain the life of the curl.

How do I cut curly hair extensions?

All curly hair extensions should be cut dry, using a pair of sharp shears, and cut in their natural curly state. DO NOT cut curly hair extensions while they are wet, or by pulling the hair too tightly. This will cause extra shrinking in the length, and produce an uneven result. It is best to avoid a razor when cutting curly hair extensions, as this may cause excess splitting on the more delicate hair type. 

How do I color my curly hair extensions if I decide to do so?

Any chemical service that is performed on hair extensions voids the manufacturer's warranty. It is performed at your own risk, and there is no guarantee of how it will turn out. In the event you decide to color your curly hair extensions, always use a semi/demi-permanent color, formulate the color 1-2 shades lighter than your desired level, and add extra gold into your mixture. Curly hair has a tendency to look flatter, or drab in color, due to the lack of shine from the curl pattern. You may choose to add extra warmth to your mixture to increase the shine of the finished color. It will also process faster and darker than normal hair and may have a tendency to become spotted if the color is not properly applied and saturated all the way through the hair. Keep in mind, these types of services may dry out the extensions, and may cause the curl to relax faster than normal.

Do I have to choose the curly hair extensions if my client has wavy hair, or do the straight hair extensions have any curls to them?

All of our hair extensions have some wave to them, even the straight ones. We do not remove any of the natural texture of the hair during the processing time. We only add to the texture of the curly hair extensions. This means, if you want to use the same styling & product suggestions listed above on our straight extensions, you will produce a very natural-looking wave or texture to the hair. However, if you want or need a tighter curl, and plan to wear it curly all the time, curly hair extensions are your better option.

Is the application or removal of curly hair extensions different from straight hair extensions?

NO. You will follow all the same application and removal steps for the method that you are installing, no matter the texture you are using. The only thing you must be mindful of is that curly hair, whether extensions or natural hair, is not as strong as straighter hair. Each twist and turn in a strand of curly hair is a weak spot that can be broken easily if not cared for properly. Because of this, take extra care and precaution when you are removing the extensions to prevent any excess breakage to the extensions or the client’s natural hair.