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Instant-Hair Bangs
You won’t waste a moment installing your Babe Bangs. Simply snap the two lower clips at your hairline, and the third clip near the top of your head. And when you’re done, simply unclip and remove.

Babe Bangs come a little long so you can customize them to perfectly blend with your natural hair. Trim them yourself, or use the help of a stylist. The best part? They’ll always be the perfect length!

Babe Instant Hair is made with the same quality 100% human hair as our other professional extensions, so they can be styled just like your own hair. Just be sure to use protectant with heating tools!

- Application time: 5 minutes
- Last 6 to 12 months with proper care
- Available in
  - Glam Bangs (Side Swept)
  - Doll Bangs (Straight Across)
Full Head Clip In Extensions
18 colors to choose from!