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Sew-In Weft Education



Looking to learn more about our newest method, Sew-In Weft extensions? Look no further! Segments include: tools, consultation, preparation, installation, blending and styling, aftercare, maintenance and removal.

In this course Kari Fuller, our Babe educator, will teach you how to install both Hand Tied Wefts and Machine Sewn Wefts while concealing the track of beads. You’ll also come away with tips for deconstructing and reconstructing the Machine Sewn Wefts to match the density of your clients hair and color placement. Discover how to remove extensions safely with the Babe Stork Shears and the Babe Deluxe Tool, plus how to re-use and re-install Sew-In Wefts for your repeat clients!

This advanced course provides the most up-to-date training available for Sew-In Weft extensions.

Plan to become an expert in: 

BLENDING: Keep your client’s hair soft and looking natural with our four steps to proper blending. 

CONSULTATION: Learn how to consult with your clients before installation even begins.

AFTERCARE: Get all the tips & tricks on hair care and extension maintenance, including which products are safe to use on extensions and how to wash, condition and style them properly. Plus, you’ll learn how to remove the extensions safely using the proper tools.


Transform your clients with Babe's hand-crafted, ethically-sourced 100% human remy hair extensions produced in two forms: Hand Tied and Machine Sewn wefts. Our two Sew-In Wefts are one-of-a-kind hair extension methods that are installed by sewing each weft onto a track of silicone beads. This quick and secure method results in fullness, length and maximum comfort that your clients are sure to love.

Tools you'll need (sold separately):

  •  Hand Tied Weft & Machine Sewn Weft Hair Extensions
  •  Quick Pick
  •  Deluxe Tool
  •  Weaving Thread
  •  Stork Shears
  •  Mini Clips
  •  Large Clips
  •  Loop Tool
  •  Silicone Beads
  •  Weaving Needle
  • Weft Adhesive

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